Single-Wavelength Spectral Tuning in Dye-Doped Solid-State Random Laser

Friday 26 January 2024

Together with Patrick Sebbah from the Bar-Ilan University, we have made an important advancement in the development of tunable random lasers. Random lasers, unconventional optical cavity-based sources, have long been a subject of intense study, and our research introduces a cutting-edge method for achieving precise and non-invasive control of random laser emission at a single desired wavelength.

figure: Fig. 5.

First, to achieve single wavelength emission from the random laser we use an iterative pump shaping optimization technique. This method allows for the selective excitation of a specific mode within the multimode emission spectrum, facilitating single-mode operation with high side-lobe rejection.

Previous attempts at achieving tunability in random lasers were limited to broad linewidth or multimode systems. However, our research marks the first reported instance of achieving single-mode tunability in the visible spectrum, overcoming previous limitations in the field.

Our breakthrough lies in the combination of spatial pump shaping with the negative thermal coefficient of the refractive index of PMMA polymer. Through this synergy, we achieved single-wavelength spectral control of a random laser on a single device, demonstrating piecewise spectral tunability over a bandwidth of 8 nm.

We invite you to explore the details of our research in the published paper available in Optics Express.

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